Wadi Hasa overnight

Two-day trip/ 90 JD/person

Join us for an exciting two day trip through the magical Wadi Hasa. The hike starts near Tafilah and leads us 22 km through water springs, colorful limestone and sandstone formations and along several waterfalls and hot spring where you can take refreshing showers or relaxing baths finishing near ghor safi.

This wadi is of historical and religious importance, dividing the biblical kingdoms of moab and edom it was called wadi Zarad said to have watered Gamorra and considered a pilgrim site for old testament believers. Lying between current Kerak and Tafilah , the canyon runs east to west ending in the dead sea basin.

-Expected time of departure 07:00 (from our office).
-Expected time of return 17:00 the next day.
-Total distance of the hike is 24km.
-This hike is mostly downhill.
-No abseils but tons of pools.

What is provided:
- Morning coffee and cookies
- Drinking water for both days
- Lunch.(healthy sandwiches; vegetarian and gluten free option available)
- Dinner.(heavy and healthy meal rice/pasta, meat and veggies)
- Breakfast. Carbs and energy for the coming day
- 2nd lunch. (light lunch to move faster
- Snacks and bedouin tea
- Cooking and camping equipment
- If you don't have one we can provide sleeping bags
- We sleep in the open with no tents since there is no access for cars to the camp
- Waterproof camera: we will take pictures (and are happy to lend you our camera to take pictures yourself) and will share the photos afterwards with you
- First aid equipment
- Transportation to and from the wadi
- Professionally trained guide.

What to bring:
- Reliable running/ sport shoes
- Sunscreen
- A sizable Backpack
- Second set of clothes and slippers
- Fleese if it gets called at night.
- Your fun spirit :)
- Snacks

*Note: You will not get fully wet.

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