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Hello Climbing lovers,

Join us and learn how to be an awesome cool Rock Climber :)

Objective of the course: To learn the basic techniques to climb with efficiency and safety at outdoor walls of one pitch as a lead climber.

Here is what you will learn:

The environment / Different climbing style and types and a brief history of climbing:
Different types of walls: Boulder, artificial wall, equipped cliffs, mountain climbing.
Different types of rocks: Limestone, sandstone, granite.
Routes and grading system
Environment respect.

Movements and progression techniques:
Movements: Use of hands, feet, body (centre of gravity); the rule of 3 points; de-climbing.
Route finding / planning ahead.

Belaying a second climber in top rope (different types).
Belaying a lead climber.
Types of bolts.

Knots and ropes – Basics
Knots: the 8 (2 ways), and the bulleyed and others.
Different types of ropes (static, semi-static, dynamic).

Climbing equipment knowledge and use:Climbing shoes / Harness / Helmet / Rope / Belaying equipment (8, Grigri, belay device) / Karabiners (basic and sewgate) / Quickdraws / Slings / Chalk / Adequate clothing. 
How to keep and take care of climbing equipment.

lead-climbing skills : 

First steps to lead climbing / setting up safe belays / abseiling when abandoning route.

Duration of the course is 6 sessions in total; 4 outdoor sessions outside Amman , 1 in climbat Amman and the first one theory in our offices .


Price includes all climbing equipment except for new shoes. 
price does not include food nor transport since we want to encourage the community feel and make it cheaper on you guys ;)