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Join us for a charming day trip in the mystic Wadi Hudaira. The hike leads us 12 km through a narrow 200m walls siq trail with colorful pink and red sand stone walls with lines like painted veils, all along a cold water stream climbing up a waterfall and trekking the canyon from the top with stunning views of the southern Dead Sea. We will finish the same place where we started since it's a loop trail.

This Wadi is located south of the Dead Sea overlooking the salters of ghor Numeira the canyon starts up in taybe south west of kerak. It's also used site for rock climbers and high liners alike due to its high vertical clean walls. 

This is an easy hike and well suited for persons without previous wadi experience.

-Expected time of meeting at 07:00 am (from our office).
-Expected time of return 16:30.
-Total distance of the hike is 12 km
-This hike is mostly uphill with a downhill at the end.

What is provided: 
- Morning coffee and cookies
- Drinking water
- Lunch.(healthy sandwiches; vegetarian and gluten free option available) 
- Snacks and tea .
- Waterproof camera: we will take pictures (and are happy to lend you our camera to take pictures
yourself) and will share the photos afterwards with you
- First aid equipment
- transportation from and to the Wadi
- Professionally trained guide. 

What to bring: 
-Reliable (sport/hiking) shoes
-Second set of clothes and slippers
-Your fun spirit :) 

Price: 40 JDs per person

See you soon ;)